Landscaping and Planting:

Much of our work includes stabilization with various grasses to prevent erosion. We also perform plantings of wetland and aquatic species that assist with nutrient uptake as well as wildlife food and habitat. 

Floating Treatment Wetland (FTW):

Floating wetlands are a great way to add wildlife habitat to the environment and have recently been approved by the Chesapeake Bay Program as a BMP Enhancement under the Retrofit Category. These wetlands are restricted to use in existing wet ponds, but the application of a floating wetland goes much farther. 

Whether in a freshwater or brackish system, floating wetlands add aesthetic value to the environment while removing suspended solids, excess nutrients and other pollutants. 

Invasive Species Control:

Bourn Environmental is a MDA Certified Pesticide Applicator

Wildlife and Habitat Management

Nest Boxes:

At Bourn Environmental, we believe in the management and promotion of wildlife by supporting native habitat. Another technique we support is the use of nest boxes to give wildlife the advantage they need. The impacts of population growth require us to manage the natural environment in order to offset those impacts. When done properly, the wildlife and habitat remain unaltered. 

By constructing osprey nests, wood duck boxes, bobwhite quail downed tree structures and any other innovative solution that helps wildlife species adapt and coexist with humans.